Why Turkey?

Since the last 10 years Turkey is playing a main factor in the global industrial sector.
Some people are calling Turkey the “china of Europe” but Turkey is already deserve to even higher definition as even China importing textile and other products from Turkey.
Meaning that Turkey has the high capability of producing such as china
but the big difference is that the quality of Turkish industrial products is from the highest quality in the world, and recently many European brands for furniture moved their factories to Turkey since there are not many countries as Turkey that can access the challenge of high capability of production beside high standard and high finishing of products.
Turkey located in a very strategic point between East to west… in europe but at the same time in Asia and near to the middle east, and therefore the delivery time of products from Turkey to Europe, middle Asia and the middle east and africa is faster than from China and approachable for your both business meeting and tourism.The Turkish industrial sectors meet with the highest standart of production and has the certification and the qualification of the European standard, countries like Germany and UK preferring more and more turkish products as well the Arab countries that were previously ordering industrial products from Europe prefer more and more Turkish production because of the high quality and quickly supply of Turkish factories.


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