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In 1995, our factory and company for Auditorium Seating Solution was founded in Bursa

we were operating under different names till finally we united under one name: SeatUp Turkey® Ltd. company.

And with our full name:


At the last few years we established our new brand name: Acoustima® www.acoustima.com

And we started exporting our Acoustic panels all around the world.

For 20 years we manufacture high quality seats for:

Conference salons & theater halls, Cinema & movies salons, Stadium & Sport salons, and other public buildings such as: Universities, Schools, Hotels, shopping centers and etc.

Our factory has 6 sections: Metal SectionWood SectionPlastic injection molded foam injection, Painting section and Upholstery & Sewing section. All the manufacturing process of the seats done in our factory by ourself step by step, so that’s giving us full control and full responsibility to provide you with the best Product ever possible with no damage in the production:

Metal Section – The basic body of any auditorium product has been built by metal, the new requirement by most of the contractors and the engineers is to use only metal frame.

High standard products start with a strong metal body of the seat, therefore we insist to produce by ourself in our factory the metal frame of the seats.

Wood Section – Aesthetic and perfection of every product reflected by high finishing with natural wooden armrests, wooden backseat and wooden acoustic shield. We prefer to work with hard plywood and beech wood, as well we specialized with assembling the wooden parts so that the Screws would be totally unseen, so the result is a smooth and natural wooden backseat or an acoustic shield with no screws.

Plastic injection –  plastic parts of auditorium seats are other main factor for quality seats,

Without well produced plastic parts and plastic shields there will be no long life for the products,

Therefore we work only with hard plastic parts and that’s one of the factor that give us the courage to say that our products have warranty of 7 years. All the plastic parts in our seats producing by our supervising, we only work with plastic parts made in Turkey! We don’t import cheap plastic parts from China!

Molded foam injection – While most of factories for seats in Turkey are buying their sponges from outside, we are proud to say that we produce our sponges by ourself in our factory with our own molded foam injection machinery. Therefore we have full control on the required density of the foam’s sponge. The standard density of sponge for seats is 45-55 but we manufacture the seat’s sponge according your demand. We do: foam polyurethane, foam flame retardant class M1, injected cold with metal frame.

Painting section – Our products painted in electrostatic field, it’s done by ourself in our own factory, A condition for high quality products both for metal and wood is well painted  with several layers of paint.

Upholstery & Sewing section – Fabric would might be the only item in our factory which is not produced directly by Us but reaching us from outside, still this fabric must be perfectly sewn with attention and much care Therefore we have got our own modern sewing machines and highly experienced team that know to Do the job professionally with love and care. We can provide numbers and logos sewn on the fabric of the seats.

Quality and unique of our products:

We hold the ISO 9001 certificates for both quality products and quality management system, We hold the TSE 12727 certificates which is the highest standard certificate for seats products.

We are standing the Eu standard and that’s definitely proved by the fact that we export for more than 30 countries over the world besides being the Main producer of Auditorium seats in the local Turkish market.

We take full responsibility and giving our customers the best

Service ever possible for more than 20 years already!

We are the only factory in Turkey that give 5 years warranty for Auditorium seats! We are also able to give 10 years warranty in a case that the whole project was provided and designed by us as a turn key project.

Our products have been used in govermental organizations, private entities and a wide range of various non-governmental institutions.

We always work on developing new models of seats according to the Demand of our customers.

Many of our VIP seats are our own unique development and these models have been registered as our patents and protected under our name.

Our Extra Service:

Beside our high quality seats we also provide Acoustic panels and Partition Systems solutions:

  • Acoustic Panels
  • Acoustic wooden solutions for halls and buildings
  • Acoustic Modular partitions for all public buildings
  • Office wooden furniture with a movable acoustic partitions

Our vision is to countine to be a main partner in special projects all around the world.

Interior design & Turn Key Projects :

Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience and knowledge the industrial sector

We are also providing full service for projects from A-Z:

From the interior designing process till the complete installation work,

Our professional interior desiners team  Specializes in designing auditorium, halls and offices and are able to deal with any project according to your demend.

Our motto: Reasonable price, mutual trust and honesty are the main principles and values of our company.

Customers satisfaction and good service are always in our front line.

Please review our special catalogue and contact us for more information.